Our clients are using their Mac systems to Full Potential. We wanted to share some of their stories with you because the best way to learn about everything Mac can do is to see what others have done with it.

Remax Atlanta - Lannie Hall, Real Estate Agent



Lannie Hall is an Atlanta based realtor with REMAX. Lannie used his Mac to create visually compelling flyers of listed properties. He would drag-and-drop images easily onto the page. Create professional layouts while saving himself the cost of a graphic designer. He has started incorporate iPhoto, iWeb and Pages to create PhotoBooks that have had a tremendous results.


Next Steps

The real estate market was dominated by a long-time salesman who had locked up a lot of the new business; Lannie had to find a way to outmarket the competition and get top-of-mind recall from potential customers. Since his initial success Lannie has purchased an iBook to help him stay mobile with all his listings. He keeps a printer in his trunk so that he can act on a client’s decision right away. He can call up a PDF form, fill it out and print it. If there’s a Starbuck’s nearby he can do it all and celebrate the deal over a latte.


Full Profile

Lannie decided he needed visually compelling flyers that would “wow” his clients. He went into his local Mac store and was shown how easy it was to create flyers with text and photos in full colour. He left the store with his first iMac. http://www.apple.com/business/profiles/hall/


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